Vale Guardian: Builds – Chronomancer Tank

The tank’s job is to kite to Vale Guardian around the arena. The tank has to be careful with the Vale Guardian’s attacks and needs to keep it facing away from the rest of the players as much as possible. You can see the direction the Vale Guardian is facing by its marker on the ground. Its attacks can be negated by dodging, blocking, evading or becoming invulnerable.

During the split phases, the tank goes to the Blue Guardian. As a Chronomancer with a sword, the tank has to boonstrip the Blue Guardian for it to become vulnerable to attacks.

When rotating around the arena, make sure to position the Vale Guardian near the edge of the next sector (but not too close!), somewhere near the middle of the separation line.


The tank should get between 1400 and 1500 toughness by any possible stat type that gives toughness (e.g. Knight’s). The rest should be filled in with either Assassin’s or Berserker’s gear.


Ideally all the armor pieces have Superior Runes of the Chronomancer.



Ideally these weapons have Sigils of Force and Sigils of Accuracy or Platinum Doubloons.


Well of Eternity, Signet of Inspiration, Well of Recall, Well of Action, Time Warp


Inspiration 3-2-1
Illusions 2-2-2
Chronomancer 3-3-3


The stats that should be included in your food and utilities are:

Change history

30 January 2016 (Archomeda):
  • Changed Sigil of Concentration to Sigil of Accuracy and Platinum Doubloon
23 January 2016 (Archomeda):
  • Initial draft