Legacy of the Six Raids

This website contains information about how our guild, Legacy of the Six, runs its Guild Wars 2 raids. If you’re interested in joining Legacy of the Six, please head over to our website.

Our guild raids are organized by Archomeda. If you have any questions regarding raids, contact him ingame at Archomeda.6472.


Our raids are generally scheduled in the weekends. Our current schedule is as follows:

Please be on time if you’re joining for our scheduled raids. If you’re joining our raids frequently, please warn us in advance if you can’t make it.


This website is hosted on GitHub pages, which makes it easy for you to fork and add or change stuff. And because all the pages here use Markdown as markup language, it’s easy to focus more on the content itself rather than on the formatting like in HTML. After you made some changes, submit a pull request, and we’ll review the changes. When it’s approved, you’ll see your changes live after a few minutes here.


This website is maintained by Archomeda. If you want to contact us regarding this website, please do so in the issues of the repository behind this website, or ingame at Archomeda.6472. If you want to contact the guild Legacy of the Six, please go to our contact form on our website.