Vale Guardian

The Vale Guardian is the first encounter in the Spirit Vale.

Optimal gear is required. Check the builds for more information.

For this encounter, it’s useful to have the Blazing Speed Mushrooms mastery unlocked (Itzel Lore tier 3). There are Speed Boost Mushrooms near each pillar that will give you a buff that allows you to move 40% faster and your skills and actions to be 10% faster. These buffs are only temporary for 20 seconds, but can be reapplied after.

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Change history

29 January 2016 (Archomeda):
  • Added information about the Speed Boost Mushrooms
25 January 2016 (Archomeda):
  • Ported remaining builds to GitHub Pages with some changes
23 January 2016 (Archomeda):
  • Ported to GitHub Pages with the following changes:
    • Updated the nomenclature
    • Added the strategy page
    • Updated the composition
    • Updated some builds (some builds are still missing at the moment)
18 December 2015 (Archomeda):
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